Anti-Fascist Demonstrator Shot, Critically Wounded While Protesting Speech by Milo


There are conflicting reports about what happened, but one thing is certain: a man was shot as Donald Trump supporters brandishing a Pepe banner clashed with protesters outside of a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington.

The shooter claimed that the 34-year-old victim was a white supremacist and he had shot him in self-defense. The victim’s friends told the Seattle Times that the description couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they claim, he’s an avowed anti-fascist who “has always been of the mind to be compassionate, empathetic and to educate” and who has “an anti-hate tattoo that consists of a black swastika surrounded by a red circle with a slash through it.” They said he was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The shooter — described as an Asian man in a leather jacket and maroon shirt, according to Hatewatch —  was released from police custody after claiming he had acted in self-defense. The victim underwent surgery today and is now in serious condition.

Hatewatch reports that eyewitnesses made the following observations:

The shooter was a Trump-supporting man who had been acting as a provocateur in the crowd all night, while the victim was an anti-fascist liberal who had been acting as a peacekeeper in the moments before he was shot.

After being informed that someone was shot outside of his event, Yiannopoulos said, “If we don’t continue, they have won … If I stopped my event now, we are sending a clear message that they can stop our events by killing people. I am not prepared to do that.”

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