‘Conservative Black Chick’ Gets Attention By Equating Democrats With Klan

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.47.37 PMIt seems as though Fox and Friends never tires of Conservative Black Chick and former RNC operative Crystal Wright’s act, no matter how tiresome it gets. The “Con Job” author was at it again Friday morning, telling Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade that black people “should no more vote for Hillary or Bernie than the grand wizard of the KKK,” and that the Democratic candidates should have taken the opportunity of last night’s debate to say “Hey, black people, stop having 72% of your babies out of wedlock and your kids won’t be so massively incarcerated and arrested.”

Wright’s schtick mainly consists of slamming Democrats and black people in nearly equal measure, but it’s a telling and refreshing sign that even Kilmeade seems to recognize the flaw in Wright’s laser-like focus on Democrats, who don’t always do right by black people, but who at least do something (emphasis mine):

Kilmeade: But Republicans, to their detriment, don’t try, and the Democrats take it for granted, but now it will split the difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Do either one of them deserve that vote from what they have done and what they plan on doing?

Wright: Bernie and Hillary, just like Barack Obama and every Democrat before them, has done nothing for black people but tell them lies.

Slow clap for Brian Kilmeade, and speaking of “doing nothing for black people,” Crystal Wright has firsthand knowledge of the Republicans’ efforts in this regard. In 2012, she was tapped to develop a website that the GOP commissioned to do black outreach, which was then scrapped because they didn’t have any other black outreach activities to go with it.

When the story came out, GOP spokesman Sean Spicer tried to lay the whole thing off on a broader digital strategy, but Wright, who developed the proposed site, saved her emails:

On Aug. 1, 2012, Wright contacted the RNC about what to tell (Rep. Allen) West about the site as it became clear the site had fallen out of favor with Spicer and the RNC.

“Here’s what I suggest,” Vallante said in an email to Wright. “The web site is held up because other than the website that you built for the Co-Chairman, there are no other programs or plans to reach black voters at the RNC, and people here are concerned that the website is ‘not enough.’ And if [he] asks who he should call – the answer should be the Chairman’s office. I think being honest is the right way to go, not dance around.”

Spicer also told Buzzfeed reporter Darren Sands, who is black, that “You can quote me on this: I think it’s embarrassing that you’re writing this story,” a response that Wright took exception with on Twitter at the time:

Now, she’s back to bashing Democrats, which, let’s be honest, is good business for the Republicans, too.

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