As He Polls 3% in Iowa, Huckabee Releases Adele Parody


This morning, Mike Huckabee, who you may know as the Governor of Arkansas or the bass player in political rock band Capital Offense, has given us all a mighty gift. Less than a day after Wiz Khalifa released a parody of Adele‘s chart-smashing hit, “Hello,” Huckabee graced the Internet with his own version.

While Khalifa’s rendition is an ode to recreational marijuana use, which is still illegal in most states, Huckabee’s “Hello” is all about the hottest issue of the week: the Iowa Caucus!

There are a few hidden gems buried deep in the lyrics, which primarily pander to focus on Iowans by shouting out town names and talking about Pizza Ranch. “Sioux City” is seamlessly rhymed with “the Woodbury County supper club has quite a cute baby” as footage of a distressed-looking Huckabee is flashed across the screen. (One can’t help imagining that an aide is standing just out of the shot, assuring the 2008 caucus winner that this song is really, really cool and constituents will love it.)

Some of the lyrics are thinly-veiled sarcastic complaints and criticisms. For instance, “Arctic blasts, sub-zero chills, campaigning is a dream. I got frostbite, gangrene. Iowans are not for sale; they’re stubborn and picky.” The people of the caucus state will definitely like hearing that from a man who is currently polling at 3%.

Sadly, lyrics like, “Huckabee is the guy who is long overdue,” and, “there’s a difference between Huck and the other 15,” tinge what could have been a funny video with an uncomfortable desperation.

Other highlights include Huckabee tossing his iPhone to someone for reasons that aren’t clear, footage of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton dancing, and the declaration that “this crazy circus has gone cu-cu-cachoo.”

That I agree with wholeheartedly.

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