AUDIO: Donald Trump Said ‘I Know’ Hillary Clinton, ‘She’d Make a Good President’ in 2008

hillary trumpEveryone knows that Donald Trump has been for a lot of things before he was against them, but newly-unearthed audio could soon grace ads for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton featuring the real estate mogul chirping “I know her, she’d make a good president.”

The Wall Street Journal uncovered a slew of audio clips from Trump’s short-form “Trumped!” radio broadcasts from the mid-to-late aughts, including this March, 2008 clip in which Trump fills listeners in on the possibility of a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary “Dream Ticket,” and brags that he “knows” Hillary, and that she’d “be a good president or vice-president”:

The paper also published excerpts of transcripts from the show that it took from the archived webpages for Trumped!, including this odd meditation on the virtues of Trump Vodka:

Recently I agreed to do a marketing deal with a vodka company to put my name on a premium vodka brand. As vodka goes, there is nothing better than Trump.

With all that being said, I sort of hated doing it. My brother, Fred, who was the best, ended up being an alcoholic. And I learned a lot about alcohol and alcoholism from Fred.

But I also looked at it from a practical standpoint. I knew that if I didn’t do the deal, the company that’s producing the vodka would go to somebody else and somebody else would do it.

In the end, however, I thought about it and what I’ve decided to do is donate any and all money that I make from alcoholic beverages to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. I’m going to give 100 percent of that money to them in honor of my late brother, Fred Trump. I guarantee you that Fred is looking down now and saying, “That’s really the best thing to do.”

MADD, of course, declined the donation.

You can check out the rest of WSJ’s Trump finds here.

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