Bad Football Fan Behavior: Raiders Fans Wail Away at Each Other in Violent Post-Game Brawl


We’ve got a bonus edition of This Week in Bad Football Fan Behavior on tap. Tuesday, we focused on the college ranks — posting about a tailgate brawl between fans prior to the Kentucky vs. South Carolina game on Saturday.

But it’s back to the pros for this bonus edition. In a video posted by YouTube user RAIDER BEN (h/t Deadspin) Sunday afternoon in Oakland following the Raiders vs. Jets game, a group of Raiders fans were reportedly arguing over an Uber. One fan appeared to try to pull open the vehicle’s door, while the fan who was seated inside the car tried to keep the door closed.

The camera pointed elsewhere momentarily. But once it went back on the scene, fisticuffs promptly broke out. Several fans wailed away at each other, taking violent swings at people who were already on the ground.

Then, a fan dressed in full Raiders garb tapped some of the combatants with a cane of some sort, in an apparent effort to break up the fight. A fellow member of Raider Nation, likewise dressed in the full ensemble, pulled the cane-swinger away. Their efforts to break up the fight were futile. The police eventually broke up the scuffle one minute after it broke out.

We’ll keep banging the drum on this at least once a week. These incidents are way too frequent and whether it’s limiting alcohol consumption, or beefing up security personnel, more simply must be done to prevent them.

Watch above, via YouTube.

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