Basil Marceaux Releases The Christmas Single That 2010 Deserves

If the jingling of sleigh bells and empty Faygo bottles are to be believed, the holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to sit back and celebrate. What better way to do that then singing a jolly Christmas tune with one of 2010’s break out stars, the Tennessee Santa himself, Basil Marceaux? Heck, with this and that Alvin Greene Hanukkah album I’m planning on recording, this is going to be a truly magical season.

You remember Marceaux. He’s the one-time gubernatorial candidate who taught us all the connection between traffic stops and slavery. Well, he’s back, singing a song called “Come Christmas,” in which he repeatedly mumbles (in a voice that resembles a gruffer, less-lucid Daniel Johnston) about how “Christmas really turns him on.” And, while that may make it sound like the opening number to some kind of holiday-themed porn musical, it’s all, like most things Marceaux, actually kind of sweet. The video features him decorating the tree and sharing kisses with his wife, getting tangled in Christmas lights, and juggling ornaments. It also opens with him “shooting the mistletoe” with a rifle while speaking in a sped up voice as an (I guess) homage to those other novelty yuletide stars, the Chipmunks.

So, enjoy the video below. Back in July, I said that Basil Marceaux’s candidacy was proof that democracy is healthy. Seeing that he’s now selling a Christmas single on iTunes, I’d have to say that capitalism is doing ok as well.

(via Urlesque)

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