‘Be Careful, Motherf*cker!’ Ron Perlman Threatens Studio Exec Who Hopes Hollywood Strike ‘Drags On’ In Now Deleted Instagram Rant


Actor Ron Perlman appeared to threaten a Hollywood studio executive in a now-deleted Instagram rant over alleged comments about hoping the actors and writer strike drags on.

According to Deadline, anonymous studio executives revealed to the outlet it hopes the strike drags on, putting writers in dire economic straits and therefore forcing them back to the negotiating table.

For months, the writers union has been on strike but earlier this week the actor’s union, SAG-AFTRA, joined the writers on the picket line, setting up one of the biggest union boycotts in Hollywood history.

In a since-deleted rant posted to his Instagram on Friday, Perlman directed his anger at the Hollywood executive who said they are going to keep the strike going until people “start losing their apartments and losing their houses.”

“Listen to me, motherfuckers, there’s a lot of ways to lose your house,” The Hellboy actor told his followers. “Some of it is financial, some of it is karma, and some of it is just figuring out who the fuck said that. And we know who said that and where he fucking lives.”

He added, “There’s a lot of ways to lose your house. You wish that on people, you wish that families starve, while you’re making $27 fucking million a year for creating nothing? Be careful, motherfucker. Be really careful, ’cause that’s the kind of shit that stirs shit up.”

The video was downloaded and shared by various Twitter users before it was deleted, including a tweet from Hear in LA that went viral.

Watch the clip above.

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