Beck: People Questioning Vaccines Being Persecuted Just Like Galileo

Glenn Beck waded into the big debate on vaccines today, and not for the first time. A few months ago, he literally stood up and applauded parents who refused to let their children get vaccinated and said he doesn’t believe in “governments jamming needles in our arms.”

Today Beck argued the same point, that while he believes in vaccines, he opposes the government mandating vaccines. He used the opportunity to bemoan the politics of personal destruction because, apparently, anyone who dares argue for more freedom to opt out of giving their children a vaccine for a disease that kills is demonized and even “destroyed.”

And then he said this:

“Where is anybody saying, ‘My gosh, we’re living in the days of Galileo!’ The church has become the state. And if you don’t practice their religion exactly the way they tell you to practice it, you’re done. How many people have lost their jobs, have lost their credibility? We have got to unite. We’ve got to stand together.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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