Belgium Police Arrest Two People Suspected of Plotting New Years Eve Terror Attacks

PicMonkey Collage - BelgiumBelgian law enforcement has placed two people under arrest in connection to a plot to commit terror attacks throughout Brussels during the holiday week.

The prosecutor’s office said that the arrests took place during a series of raids on Sunday and Monday in the provinces of Brabant and Liege. While the searches didn’t lead to any guns or explosives, police did find military-style clothing, computer equipment, and ISIS propaganda material.

BBC reported that a total of six people were taken into custody during the raids; even though four of them were released after questioning, the last two were slapped with terror charges. Authorities said the evidence recovered pointed to a set of “serious threats” to various tourism hotspots, “symbolic” locations, and bureaucratic centers throughout the capital on New Years Eve.

Police have reportedly said that the plot was not connected to the violence that devastated France last month, and that the suspect considered the leader and recruiter did not receive direct instructions from ISIS militants. Even though the city has returned to relative normalcy in recent weeks, the city has issued numerous terror alerts since the Paris attacks, and raids are still being launched across the country.

Watch a report on the arrest in the video above, via CNN.

[h/t NY Times]
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