Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz Voters Duke it Out on Immigration in Tense Frank Luntz Panel: ‘You Would Let Somebody Rape your Child’


Political pollster Frank Luntz has conducted a new voter panel for VICE News, this one featuring an even split of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) supporters in the upcoming Texas senate race. As one might expect, the end result was a rousing debate about illegal immigration, Cruz’s record, and everything in between.

Cruz’s critics on the panel — which is set to air in full on VICE News — went after the senator’s legislative history, political opportunism and subservience to President Donald Trump. Since Cruz and O’Rourke have diametrically-opposed views on border security and illegal immigration, the panel spent a good amount of time debating which candidate has the better vision on both issues.

Here’s a handful of excerpts from how that went:

Angie Byrnes (O’Rourke supporter) – “I guarantee you, as a mother of two boys, that I would do everything illegal, legal — it doesn’t matter what it is — to get my children into this country,”

Jennifer McCann (Cruz supporter, responding to Byrnes) – “You would let somebody rape your child.”

John Percha (Cruz supporter) – “There are sovereign countries that have laws. Obey those laws…You can’t just walk in and do whatever you want.”

Angelique Mayers (O’Rourke supporter) – “Why do we demonize the people that get lured here by business owners that have jobs waiting for them? Why don’t we do mandatory prison time for anybody that hires an illegal alien?”

Watch above, via VICE News.

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