Justin Bieber

‘Badly Behaved’ Justin Bieber Reportedly Banned From China to ‘Purify’ Performance Environment

Justin Bieber Wants You to Know He Didn’t Pee His Pants

Police Dept. Threatens Drunk Driving Super Bowl Viewers With a Fate Worse Than Death

Watch Skip Bayless Rip Odell Beckham Jr. For Partying in Miami With Justin Bieber Days Before Playoffs

Justin Bieber Has Been Indicted in Argentina

PETA Slams Justin Bieber and His Fur Coat: He ’Needs a Brain Scan’

WATCH: Justin Bieber Clearly Wanted to Throw Down During a Pickup Hockey Game

REPORT: Justin Bieber Punched a Fan in the Face

Justin Bieber is Channeling His Activism into Medical Marijuana Legalization

Watch Justin Bieber Get Attacked in Nightclub

Instead of Going to the VMAs, Justin Bieber Did Drunk Karaoke in LA

Most of The Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Instagram Feud is Photoshopped

Justin Bieber Has Taken a Side in The Kanye/Kim/Taylor Feud

You Have No Idea How Close the RNC Was to Nabbing Bieber as a Performer

Watch Justin Bieber Bust His Kiester Onstage

Gossip War: Tells Readers How to Boycott

Call Off Your Dogs! Justin Bieber Did Not Disrespect Prince on Instagram

Is Bieber a Trumpeter? Is Trump a Belieber? What’s Going On? (UPDATE: It’s All Lies!)

Writers, Pundits, and Tweeters Ask ‘Is Justin Bieber’s New Hair Racist?’

Justin Bieber Explains How Church Is Like Taco Bell in Bizarre Complex Interview

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