Bill de Blasio: I Was Right About the Money Being in the ‘Wrong Hands’ When Amazon Left NYC


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) criticized Amazon for deciding against building their new corporate in the area, saying it proves there is too much money being in the wrong hands.

“Amazon is not one of these companies that has been thought of as a total, you know, they just race through laws. You know, they raised the minimum wage. They raised it, voluntarily, to $15. If you chased away an Amazon, are you worried it’s going to chase away other companies,” NBC’s Chuck Todd asked.

“Oh, no, no. Let’s be clear: No one chased away. This was Amazon’s arbitrary decision. We had an agreement,” de Blasio replied.

“If I made an agreement with you, and there were issues that came up, but we had an agreement, you wouldn’t call me in the dead of night and say, ‘Hey, we’re taking our marbles, and we’re going home.’ Let’s be clear about who made this decision,” he continued. “And this is the problem. When you have so much wealth and power in the hands of very few, it does not work for working people. I say, there is plenty of money in this world, plenty of money in this country, but it’s in the wrong hands. And Amazon is making my point for me. What they did was arbitrary and unfair to working people.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) turned his ire at some state Democrats who were against Amazon moving to the city.

“A small group politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community — which poll after poll showed overwhelming supported bringing Amazon to Long Island City — the state’s economic future and the best interests of the people of their state,” he said in a statement. “The New York State Senate has done tremendous damage. They should be held accountable for this lost economic opportunity.”

Watch above via NBC.

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