Bill Kristol Tears Acting AG Matt Whitaker Apart: ‘Manifestly Unqualified Political Hack’

Weekly Standard editor at large and staunch Never-Trump conservative Bill Kristol absolutely went in on acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker Thursday.

In a late-afternoon tweet, the neoconservative political analyst went ALL CAPS to bash President Donald Trump‘s interim pick to lead the Justice Department.

“It’s a problem that a non-Senate confirmed individual is acting as attorney general. It’s a problem that the acting AG didn’t recuse himself on Mueller,” Kristol wrote. “But above all it’s a problem that a manifestly unqualified political hack is acting as ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES.”

The controversy continues to swirl around Whitaker who — as Kristol noted — was not confirmed by the Senate for his most recent post as chief of staff to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Whitaker has come under scrutiny for promoting products from a company called World Patent Marketing — which has been accused of defrauding its customers. He has also been an outspoken critic of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe.

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