Bill O’Reilly Jokes That CNN and MSNBC ‘Are on Crack’ and Colbert’s Crowd Is Having None of It


For the first time as host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert welcomed Bill O’Reilly onto the show Monday night, the first time since the comedian’s years at The Colbert Report were largely spent publicly mocking the Fox News host. “How are things over at Fox News?” asked Colbert. “I haven’t watched it much over the past year.”

“You’re not allowed to,” noted O’Reilly.

Even with the mask of the Colbert character he played at Comedy Central off, there was a clear tension between the two; after all, for years Colbert sarcastically referred to O’Reilly as “Papa Bear” while skewering his cable news program. O’Reilly has been less than shy about conveying his attitude about the comedian, who he called “a deceiver” in 2014.

But it was one crack that O’Reilly made about, well, crack at the expense of his fellow cable news networks that brought an audible gasp and boos from the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater. The discussion turned to the number of hours that cable news employees must put in to keep the gears going, even at the non-Fox networks: “Those guys at CNN and MSNBC aren’t seeing their kids at night,” referencing Fox News’s #1 ratings rank.

“First of all they’re all on crack.”

The crowd immediately let him hear it, demonstrating that the attempts at humor should probably be left to the guy on the other side of the desk, especially when you’re sitting in enemy territory.

Check out the above video from CBS; the moment starts at the 1:15 mark.

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