Bill Simmons Goes After ESPN Show over Ethics in Sports Journalism


Not long after ESPN personality Bill Simmons returned to ESPN from his three week suspension, he finds himself in a feud with another ESPN entity.

On today’s Mike and Mike show, one of the Mikes bashed Simmons for a comment about LeBron James, saying Simmons was “grabb[ing] a headline, which is something I know he loves.” Simmons argued on Twitter, fairly persuasively, that the Mikes had taken him out of context. Simmons had even preceded his LeBron comment with “it’s really early to say this, so please, sports blogs and people, don’t throw this in my face.”

In other words, he tried to preempt the very reaction the Mikes had. Simmons was not pleased that they ignored this:

That latter is a reference to ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte’s post today in which he said Simmons “sometimes acts like a journalist, or at least seems to want to be taken seriously,” while also wanting to make pundit-like observations without repercussions.

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