Blogger Gets 2.5 Years for Breaking into Hospice Room of Senator’s Wife

blogger-arrestedMississippi blogger Clayton Kelly was sentenced by a judge to five years, half of it to be served as probation, for breaking into the hospice room of Senator Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) wife and photographing her during a brutally contested primary last fall.

Kelly was arrested last May after photos of Rose Cochran, bedridden since 2000, appeared online; some speculated the photos were meant to intimate that Cochran was having an affair. There followed three more arrests of tea party figures connected to then-primary challenger Chris McDaniel, though the McDaniel campaign denied any involvement.

The judge indicated that local tea party leader John Bertram was likely the brains behind the scheme. Bertram recently pleaded guilty and received no jail time. Via the Clarion Ledger:

Chapman said it’s been his experience with armed robberies and such that the smarter criminals talk the less intelligent ones into doing the actual crime.

“This defendant probably fits into that category,” Chapman said.

The Cochran-McDaniel primary was one of the nastier bouts in recent memory, featuring allegations of voting fraud and racism; Cochran narrowly pulled off a victory before securing reelection in the general. He recently married his longtime aide after his wife passed away last year.

[h/t Clarion Ledger]

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