Luke Russert Takes Beating from Left and Right for Goofy #MSSen Analysis


NBC political reporter Luke Russert already takes enough flak for reasons typically involving phrases like “dudebro,” “inexperience,” “arrogance,” and “nepotism.” And after Tuesday evening’s Mississippi GOP Senate primary runoff, we can probably add “goofy analysis” to the pile.

As “establishment” incumbent Republican Thad Cochran is poised to defeat tea party challenger Chris McDaniel, purportedly with help from Democratic and African-American voters (Mississippi is an open primary), Russert had this hot take to share with America:

So… only in America could something that could literally only happen in America happen. Unless some other country has a Republican Party, a state called Mississippi and — somehow — a significant population of African-Americans, Russert’s analysis makes zero percent sense. Or maybe it was a bizarre attempt at humor.

Either way, he took a beating from left and right:

For his part, Russert told one random Twitter user (while not directly addressing any of his detractors) that the tweet was simply a reference to Don King‘s Only in America:

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