Thad Cochran Press Call Descends into Madness After Question About ‘Harvesting Black Votes’


Sometimes in American politics, chaos erupts, but it’s generally very controlled chaos. But a Thad Cochran conference call today really went off the rails in such a strange way, there is only one word that can describe it: a sh*tshow.

To put it bluntly, according to several people who tweeted details about the call, someone hijacked the call to ask a unique question: why Cochran is “harvesting black votes like black people harvesting cotton.”

(Remember, this is the Thad Cochran who beat Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi runoff last week after reaching out to black voters and, according to some reports, attacking McDaniel as a racist.)

Now, no one quite knows how this happened; however, Holmes, I think this may be an important clue:

How bad was it? Reporters listening in used lots of words synonymous with “bonkers” and “nightmare scenario”:

From there… well…

Of course, people wondered who asked that really crazy question:

Oh, and to cap things off, for some weird freaking reason, the call continued with… go ahead, guess. You’ll never guess. All right, here ya go. RACIST SOUNDBOARDS:

Well done, everyone. Round of applause.

[featured image via U.S. Senate]

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