comScore At Least 13 Dead in Barcelona Terrorist Attack After Van Plows Into Crowd of People (UPDATE)

At Least 13 Dead in Barcelona Terrorist Attack After Van Plows Into Crowd of People (UPDATE)

A vehicle has reportedly hit a crowd of pedestrians in Barcelona, Spain.


According to a witness who spoke to Sky News, he heard a “crashing noise” followed by people screaming. The police arrived at the scene almost immediately to close off the area.

The attack took place at Las Ramblas, a popular tourist destination in Barcelona. According to a Catalan police spokesman, the area has now been sealed off from the public.

At this point, it is unclear if the vehicle was a van or a truck as there have been mixed reports.

The Barcelona Police have declared this as a terrorist attack.

UPDATE (11:57AM): At least two people have been killed. And a reported shootout is taking place in a Barcelona market.

UPDATE (12:02PM): Reuters is reporting that two armed men have taken hostages in a Turkish restaurant. It is unclear if these two incidents are related or in coordination.

UPDATE (12:09PM): A video is circulating the internet of several victims lying on the ground down a city sidewalk. Due to the graphic nature of the video, it will not be shared out of respect to the victims.

Below is the van that was used in the attack.

It is now being reported that the driver of the van fled on foot after it crashed.

UPDATE (12:35AM): Video shows Barcelona police in the midst of an active shootout in the Barcelona market.

UPDATE (12:41PM): 25 people have now reportedly been injured.

UPDATE (12:49PM): Sky News is now reporting that 13 people have died and the death toll may increase.

UPDATE (12:54PM): First Lady Melania Trump reacted to the terrorist attack in Barcelona.

UPDATE (1:08PM): A second van was reportedly used in this terrorist attack and was found by authorities roughly 40 miles from the site.

UPDATE (1:16PM): Police say that more than 30 people have been injured.

UPDATE (1:20PM): Reports on the number of killed and injured have been scattered throughout the day, but Catalan police have confirmed that one person is dead and 32 have been injured.

UPDATE (1:38PM): Spanish police have released a photo they believe to be the suspect of the attack.

UPDATE (2:05PM): President Trump made his first public comments on the terrorist attack on Twitter.

UPDATE (2:12PM): The Department of Homeland Security have released a statement on the Barcelona terrorist attack.

UPDATE (2:17PM): The police have made one arrest linked to the attack.

UPDATE (2:23PM): The police have confirmed that there is no active hostage situation.

UPDATE (2:28PM): Spain’s Interior Minister has confirmed that 13 are dead and more than 50 injured.

UPDATE (2:41PM): Reports now say that there was a shootout with police, leaving one terrorist dead. It is unknown if this attack involves more than two individuals.

UPDATE (3:43PM): ISIS claims responsibly for the attack.

The terror suspect is a Moroccan citizen and a legal resident in Spain.

UPDATE 4:05 PM ET: Two police officers were run over at a checkpoint by a vehicle, suffering minor injuries. Officers stated that they found the driver and are searching the suspect’s car. It is currently unclear if this incident is related to the initial terror attack.

UPDATE 5:15 PM ET: Authorities provided some information about the two individuals who have been arrested:

UPDATE 8:11 PM ET: Police have now reportedly killed multiple individuals south of Barcelona:

We will continue to update this story as it develops.

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