Joe Scarborough Berates Gary Cohn: ‘Why Are You Still There?!’


It was a busy day on Morning Joe Thursday. Frank Bruni said the president didn’t have a soul, and Katty Kay remarked about how Trump has turned the United States into a laughingstock and “freak show.”

Scarborough had his moment when reacting to news that Trump chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn was reportedly very upset with Trump’s Tuesday press conference peddling #NotAllNazis apologia.

“Do something. Stop being shocked and stunned and deeply saddened. You’re still there. You shouldn’t be there,” Scarborough bellowed. He then promised not to name anyone in particular — immediately before singling out Cohn by name.

“Gary Cohn. How can you … this guy, hasn’t he contributed a lot to Jewish centers. He’s got a great reputation. Why are you still there? You have sacrificed enough to this country. And you have a president who has provided aid and comfort to white supremacists and Neo-nazis.”

Scarborough did a rare direct to camera scold complete with glasses jab which Cohn will no doubt be able to catch on the White House TIVO if he missed it live.

“Why are you there? Why are you still there?”

Of course, Cohn was not available to answer, so Scarborough offered an answer to his question — and a subsequent response to that answer.

“I understand you went in because Bob Gates, a man I have extraordinary respect for said that if you got talent, whether you were offended by what this president said in the past or not you must go and serve America,” he said. “I thought the same thing, at this point, that’s just not the case anymore, he can’t be moderated and if you’re someone like Gary Cohn get out while you can.”

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