Bret Stephens Fires Back After Hillary Clinton Questions Why NY Times Hired Him


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One of the many topics Hillary Clinton talked about in her new profile for New York Magazine today was the media, particularly certain outlets bringing on more conservative voices.

During the interview, at one point, Rebecca Traister brought up how the New York Times recently hired Bret Stephens––who got a lot of criticism for his views on climate change. (His own paper subsequently tweeted out a link to its climate coverage.)

Clinton had this to say about both Stephens and George Will (who recently joined MSNBC):

The impulse toward false equivalency is only getting worse, in her opinion. “The cable networks seem to me to be folding into a posture of, ‘Oh, we want to try to get some of those people on the right, so maybe we better be more, quote, evenhanded.’ ” When I mention MSNBC’s hiring of conservatives including George Will, and the New York Times’ new climate-change-skeptic opinion columnist, Bret Stephens, her brow furrows. “Why … would … you … do … that?” she says. “Sixty-six million people voted for me, plus, you know, the crazy third-party people. So there’s a lot of people who would actually appreciate stronger arguments on behalf of the most existential challenges facing our country and the world, climate change being one of them! It’s clearly a commercial decision. But I don’t think it will work. I mean, they’re laughing on the right at these puny efforts to try to appease people on the right.”

Stephens––who was very critical of her opponent last year––responded thusly on Twitter tonight:

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