‘Bullsh*t!’ Pro-Trump Border Patrol Guy Frustrates Eric Bolling By Refusing to Say We Need a Wall


During post-State of the Union coverage, BlazeTV host Eric Bolling got very frustrated when a Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) employee refused to say that a border wall is necessary, even literally calling “Bullshit!”

It was a wild night for BlazeTV at its Trump Hotel SOTU afterparty, where people like former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer loosened waaay up.

But things got a little bit tense when Bolling interviewed a Trump supporter who also works for CBP.

The man was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the name “Joe” that could be read from space, so naturally, Bolling’s first question was “So, what’s your name?”

The man explained that his name is Joe, that he lives and works in Washington, DC, and that he works for CBP, as well as volunteering with Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization.

“Tell us about it,” Bolling said.

“Team Rubicon?” Joe asked.

“No, tell us about CBP,” Bolling replied.

“So, we’re securing the border, we’re doing the job that we can do, as the American people have legislated, and it’s a wonderful job,” Joe said. “It’s a challenge every day, you know, I mean there’s challenges.”

“What do you need? What’s the real answer? What’s the real answer?” Bolling asked, purposefully.

“The real answer…” Joe said, with a long pause. “I wish I could give you that, but that’s still up to the American people. Does that make sense?”

“No, no, no, no, no!” Bolling interrupted. “Okay, can I say this on here? Can I say it on here? Bullshit!”

“What’s the real answer?” Bolling continued. “Do we need five billion dollars? Do we need more? What do we need, is Trump right?”

After another awkward pause, Joe said “I love president Trump. And he’s doing a great job. Absolutely, but I must say it’s still up to the American people.”

“Are you running for office?” Bolling asked, after yet another awkward pause.

“Negative, we are civil servants, and we serve the American people,” Joe said. “We appreciate what you’re saying and I want to give you a high-five, but…”

Bolling then cut right to the chase, telling his guest “I want to hear what we really need at the border. We need a wall, we need a wall.”

As Joe tried to explain his reticence to weigh in once more, Bolling shouted to the crowd “Do we need a wall? Wall? Wall?” as the crowd joined in.

Joe patiently explained that he thinks CBP needs “more support,” but wasn’t comfortable advocating for a wall.

“All right, you know what I need? I need you to tell me, I need more, I need more funding, I need more border patrol agents, I need drones, I need a wall, I need everything,” Bolling said, before thanking his guest.

Watch the video above, via BlazeTV.

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