Canadian Brewery Mocks Trump With ‘Fake News Ale’


A new craft brewery company has launched in Toronto, and first on its agenda is a brew that they hope will “Make Beer Great Again,” according to Global News. The company, based in Toronto, is called Northern Maverick Brewing Co. and the beer is called “Fake News Ale” (which they call “the first beer in our charitable series”).

They’ll be donating 5% of the beer’s sales to a charity. Which organization they’ll be giving to will be determined by a vote, and will “help reverse a questionable policy.”

Tongue firmly in cheek, the site says the beer goes well with “small hands, striking comb overs, HUUUGE egos and all things Mexican.”

Northern Maverick Brewing Co. also notes that, “Clearly no American President has endorsed this beer!”

So far, the company has indicated it does not plan to ship to the U.S., but here’s hoping.

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