Fox News’s Outnumbered Roasts Elizabeth Warren For Drinking Beer: ‘Is Alcohol The Answer?’


During a segment on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” some on the panel discussed and criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) announcement of launching an exploratory presidential campaign committee and subsequent Instagram livestream from her kitchen.

Responding to a tweet from George Takei implying it is sexist to compare Warren to two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, progressive commentator Richard Fowler said Takei might be on to something.

“He makes a good point. I think women have more standards than men do. I think that’s just a fact,” Fowler said. “Women have to think about how they look, how their hair…”

“No we don’t! No, actually we don’t have to think about it. Everybody else is thinking about it,” Harris Faulkner interjected.

“Exactly, but if you’re running for office and everybody is thinking about it then you start to think about that and you think about, ‘What do I do differently to appeal to these people, how do I make myself more likable,'” Fowler replied.

“So is alcohol the answer,” Faulkner asked, then cutting to a clip of when Warren said she was going to grab a beer from their refrigerator.

“Somebody tell me, why beer? Why that beverage? Is that to appeal to like male voters, I’m just wondering because she is playing the gender card, but I’m confused,” Faulkner said after the video was played.

“She’s trying to be like hello Earthlings,  I’m just like you,” Lisa Boothe replied. “She’s trying to be relatable and I feel like if you’re trying to be relatable, you’re not relatable.”

Screenshots of Warren drinking beer were posted all over Twitter — with observers making jokes ranging from how to be relatable to her exaggerated Native American heritage:

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