Carly Fiorina’s Contentious FNS Interview: ‘You’re Asking A Typical Political Question!’


One can only hope someone taps Chris Wallace to moderate a Presidential debate in 2012 because he has proved himself to be fairly good at not letting candidates off the hook this election cycle. Today on Fox News Sunday Wallace got in a rather contentious back and forth with California Repubican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina over how exactly she would pay for the tax cuts she’s been touting. Suffice to say he was not satisfied with her talking points.

WALLACE: So Ms. Fiorina let me ask you a specific question, because I still haven’t gotten many specifics from you….as a non-career politician, as the anti-Barbara Boxer, you tell me specifically what are you going to do to cut the billions, the trillions, of dollars in entitlements?”

FIORINA: See, Chris, I have to — you know, Chris, I have to say, with all due respect, you’re asking a typical political question.

WALLACE: It may a typical political question, Ms. Fiorina, but that’s where the money is. The money is in Medicare. The money is in Social Security. We’ve got the baby boomers coming. There is going to be a huge explosion of entitlement spending, and you call it a political question when I ask you to name one single entitlement expenditure you’re willing to cut.

FIORINA: Chris, I believe that to deal with entitlement reform, which we must deal with, we ought to put every possible solution up on the table, except we should be very clear that we are not going to cut benefits to those nearing retirement or those in retirement.

But having said all of that, for years and years, career politicians, frankly, of both parties have said, Oh, no, the only way to cut spending is to deal with entitlements. It’s the political third rail. And then they never get about the business of cutting out waste and inefficiency. They never get to the point of banning earmarks.

I will spare you the rest of Fiorina’s circular talk and just say that no, she would not name a single entitlement. Eventually Wallace was forced to go to break. Two things. It was interesting to see that when backed into a corner Fiorina was willing to pull out the popular Tea Party anti-media argument; “you’re asking a typical political question” as if this is somehow irresponsible of Wallace. Even better was Wallace’s swift, unapologetic reaction. Watch the clip below. I think there is a case to be made that Wallace is currently the strongest Sunday morning interviewer out there.

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