CBS Butchers Coverage of the AFC Championship Game in Only 14 Seconds


On Sunday, the Denver Broncos held off Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in a 20-18 thriller at Sports Authority Field in Colorado. Hall of Famer Peyton Manning gets what may be one last crack to win a second Super Bowl championship, and there’s no doubt that the win has lots of people excited, including this on-camera duo for CBS.

In a 14-second clip uploaded to Twitter by the Director of Georgetown Athletics Chris Grosse, two anchors covering the Broncos-Pats matchup pretty disastrously fouled up a number of details. It sarted with the first sentence out of the female anchor’s mouth:

“The Patriots beat Denver in the regular season.” False. In week 12 of the regular season this year, the Patriots in fact lost their first game of the season in a 30-24 upset to the Broncos.

“…but of course the Broncos without Peyton Manning in that matchup.” This one checks out — Manning was in fact injured for much of the regular season.

“Yeah, Todd Orlosky was the quarterback for the Broncos when they beat the New England Patriots…” says her male coanchor, which is very much wrong because not only did Todd Orlosky not play for the Broncos in that game, Todd Orlosky doesn’t play in the NFL. In fact, the name seems to be utterly made up.

Instead, Brock Osweiler was the backup quarterback who led the Broncos to victory that November day.

Being a TV anchor is hard. It’s live and unscripted and you’re off the cuff and dancing without a safety net. I get it. But the number of flubs in this tight span perfectly captured by the above video is enough to make some people decry, “That guy didn’t even try.”

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