CBS Gets Heat For Calling Accident Survivor Returning to Work Due to Lack of Resources ‘Heartwarming’


A CBS News story out of Indiana aimed to warm hearts but ended up heating some tempers, too.

The quick story is about a teen named Jakeem Tyler, who went straight back to work at Chick-Fil-A after a car accident left his arm in a sling and his neck in a brace. The teen told a customer that he needed the money and wanted to feed the homeless over the holidays, which led the customer to launch a fundraiser for him. (It is currently nearing $20,000 in donations, which far surpasses the original $2,500 goal.)

They tweeted the story out, called it “heartwarming,” and probably thought nothing of it, but Twitter users weren’t impressed that the news company was lauding a kid who “needs the money” for not being able to take adequate time to take care of himself.

They responded thusly:

There are no tweets in support of CBS or their characterization of the story in the replies to the tweet. It just goes on like that as people continue to share their thoughts on capitalism and the glorification of overworking American employees.

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