Celebrate Freedom by Watching These Americans Burn All Kinds of Flags


Happy Fourth of July!

While there is always plenty to complain about, we often take for granted that we live in perhaps the freest nation on earth. One of our most treasured liberties: free speech. And that includes speech that many might see as hateful, offensive, or in poor taste.

What better way to celebrate such freedoms than to watch videos of Americans engaging in the protected act of flag desecration. Up until 1993’s landmark Texas vs. Johnson Supreme Court decision, flag-burning was criminalized in 48 of the 50 states. And now we are free to burn the cloth, no matter how much it pisses off other people. Good!

Check out some of these videos below, and then: If 1 or more of them offend you, go light some fireworks or something. If none offend you: Congrats!

Confederate Battle Flag

How timely. Here’s a video of some demonstrators burning the rebel flag back in 2000:

Gay Pride Flag

Another timely one. This random YouTuber seems to feel harassed by LGBT users, so he burned a rainbow flag. And then shouted some stuff afterwards. We know this guy would approve.

American Flag

The Stars and Stripes are perhaps the most popular flag to burn around the world, but here’s a video of an American demonstrator burning one on Memorial Day, 2013. Several onlookers express dismay that his actions are legal:


When Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants began tearing through the Middle East, summarily executing prisoners, hostages, minorities, and enemies, so began the “Burn ISIS Flag Challenge.” Watch below as one of Alex Jones‘ InfoWars personalities burns the jihadist group’s flag:

Israeli Flag

Burning the national flag of Israel is popular sport at pro-Palestine rallies worldwide, but for this video, we’ll go a little unpredictable: Satmar Jews living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gathered last year to burn the Israeli flag in protest of how they feel the country has betrayed Judaism’s original values:

Palestinian Flag

And now for some equal opportunity offense. Here’s some American man who was so upset by video of Palestinians burning the American flag that he purchased a Palestinian flag, dressed up like an Arab man, and mocked “crazy little Islam terrorists” by burning that flag:

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