Charlie Hebdo Marks Massacre Anniversary With Cartoon Blasting Religious Extremism


It has almost been a year since Charlie Hebdo came under a devastating attack by jihadists over cartoons that lampooned elements of Islam. Today, the satirical French magazine released the cover of their special edition to mark the anniversary, showing a bloody, violent-looking God figure as a representation of religious extremism.

“One year later: The assassin still at large,” the cover reads, in a translation from Business Insider.

One million copies of the edition will go on sale on Wednesday, on the eve of the day that 12 were wounded and 8 killed people at the magazine’s office in Paris. The periodical will feature cartoons illustrated by the murdered cartoonists, as well as a scathing column from editor Laurent Sourisseau that denounces “fanatics” and defends secularism (translation via QZ).

A believer, especially a fanatic, never forgets the affront to his faith, because it is behind and ahead of him forever… It is eternity that fell on us this Wednesday, Jan. 7. These two masked idiots will not screw up the work of our lives.

When the attack occurred, it sparked a worldwide outpouring of sympathy for the magazine staff, with #JeSuisCharlie trending on Twitter all over the world. This was the first of two extremist-led attacks that devastated France last year, and Hebdo’s cartoons have still been viewed as defiant stands against religious radicals.

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