Chelsea Handler Hammers Eric Trump: ‘That Face Is So Unf*ckable’

On her Netflix late night show Chelsea Thursday, host Chelsea Handler discussed the Trump family at length with Real Time‘s Bill Maher, with each opinionated host weighing in without filter on the family that many be months away from the White House.

When Handler asked Maher to give his take on the fact that the GOP presumptive nominee has so heavily involved his children in the decision-making process of campaign goings-on, Maher noted simply, “I don’t like it. It’s very third-world. It’s very ‘Banana Republic’ to involve your children to that degree. I mean, that’s what Saddam Hussein did.”

The host herself couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dig into Eric Trump, one of the highly-visible sons of the candidate that we frequently see out on the campaign trail. “He’s the worst-looking person ever. I mean that face is just so unfuckable,” she said with a sigh.

“I don’t know about how he looks, but he’s a horrible person. This is the one who shoots lions in Africa,” added Maher.

As for Ivanka? “I don’t know,” admitted the Real Time host. “She’s so perfect on television. It can’t be really that way. She’s gotta be some kind of ballbuster.” Handler and Maher both agreed that there was something suspect regarding the eldest daughter of the Trump empire, who looked completely back-in-shape just days after having her last child.

“I don’t appreciate when women do that. It sends a bad message to other women who are fat-asses for six months,” quipped Handler.

Watch the above clip from Netflix’s Chelsea.

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