Seth Meyers Reminds Republicans Against Pornography That This Guy Is Now Their Nominee

At preliminary meetings this week in Cleveland, the Republican party declared that internet pornography is a “public health crisis,” a distinction that, as CNN reports, “passed with little debate.”

Yes, really.

The provision states, “The internet must not become a safe haven for predators. Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions.”

The irony of this cause was not lost on Seth Meyers, who used his Closer Look segment Thursday night to gently remind the GOP that their nominee is a man who has posed on the cover of Playboy and is hardly the shining example of celibacy.

“Interesting fact. Before Playboy asked Trump to be on the cover, he thought it was a mail-order catalog,” joked Meyers during his desk segment. The Late Night host also poked fun at the conditions surrounding the upcoming party nominating convention in Cleveland, Ohio next week which will not feature many prominent Republicans.

Another point of contention is the fact that firearms will be allowed onto the premises of the convention in keeping with the rights of the second amendment and the state’s open-carry laws. “Oh good! Guns! Great, everybody bring guns. This way people don’t have to cheer during Trump’s speech, they can just shoot ’em into the air like Yosemite Sam,” Meyers said.

Watch the above segment from NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

[image via screengrab]

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