Chris Cuomo Accuses GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of ‘Ugly Politics’ in Tense Clash: ‘You’re Being a Little Swampy’


Already one of the most visible members of Congress as head of the conservative Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) may become even more prominent in the coming months — as he is said to be weighing a bid to replace Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as House Speaker.

That means we can expect to see more of of him on cable news, and more sparring sessions like the one he engaged in Monday with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

In a face-to-face interview on the New Day set, Cuomo took issue with Republicans wanting to attack ousted FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe following an Inspector General’s report from the Department of Justice which concluded that he misled investigators.

“You guys are so selective in your outrage you want to go after McCabe,” Cuomo said. “McCabe was trying to push to investigate [Hillary] Clinton which is what you say you wanted.

“His colleagues are the ones who said he should be prosecuted,” Jordan replied.

“When you had [Rep.] Devin Nunes, when you had your friend Mr. [Kris] Kobach going out and doing all kinds of manipulation and deception to the American people, you weren’t outraged, right?” Cuomo said. “You weren’t outraged about their behavior then, why? Because you were okay with the behavior. Here, you go after McCabe, even though he was fighting to do what you want him to do. That’s ugly politics, Jim. Ugly politics.”

Jordan defended his stance — saying that he criticized former FBI Director James Comey when it wasn’t politically expedient for him to do so.”

“I call ’em like I see ’em,” the Congressman said. “I criticized Comey in July of 2016 when his came out with his big press conference. I took heat from Republicans because I think James Comey has been wrong throughout this entire process.”

The tense clash concluded with Jordan citing Rod Rosenstein‘s infamous memo recommending Comey’s termination as evidence that President Donald Trump did not obstruct justice by firing Comey.

“This is the classic definition of the swamp,” Jordan said.

Cuomo replied, “You’re being a little swampy.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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