Chris Matthews Asks Hardball Panel: Can Democrats ‘Run Two White Men’ in 2020?

It looks like MSNBC host Chris Matthews would really dig it if former Vice-President Joe Biden would toss his hat into the 2020 presidential ring. And during a Hardball panel discussion, he couched his questions in such a way to see if he’d get his wish of Biden topping the ticket in the next election.

After presenting three potential Democratic candidates — Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren — asked Democratic strategist Steve McMahon if he “was right” that Biden is running.

“I think he’s always running,” McMahon said. “And he’s running until he isn’t running.”

Matthews then moved on to Republican strategist John Brabender, pressing him on who he thought would scare President Donald Trump in an election. Brabender tagged Biden as the one who had a good chance, dismissing the ex-Veep’s advanced age as an issue.

The Hardball host went down the line to his third panelist, McClatchy’s Anita Kumar, to see if she thought either Biden’s age or gender would be a problem for him. This led to Matthews’ big question:

“I’ll be blunt now, in the 2020 election can they run two white men given the makeup of the party today? Does there have to be balance, gender balance, ethnic balance of some kind?”

Later in the discussion, Matthews advised Biden that it might be a good job to place Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on the ticket if he ran so as to create balance.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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