Chris Wallace Not Comfortable with Fox Hosting ISIS Propaganda Video

Fox News decided yesterday to host ISIS’ latest propaganda video on its website, in its player. One Fox executive defended the decision and said Americans need to see this brutality for themselves, but not everyone at Fox is on board with the idea. Last night Howard Kurtz strongly disagreed with Fox’s decision, and today Chris Wallace expressed his discomfort as well.

The Fox News Sunday host told Brian Kilmeade on his radio show that it’s a propaganda video and ISIS uses things like that to recruit more followers. And so, he said, “I don’t think we want to be part to anything that leads to the recruiting of more crazies to go over there and support them.”

Kilmeade challenged Williams and said Americans need to see this “Nazi Germany” brewing in the Middle East for themselves. Wallace felt pretty confident Americans know enough about ISIS to understand how brutal they are without a video reminding them of such.

You can listen to the audio below, via Fox News Radio:

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[image via screengrab]

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