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Christine O’Donnell’s ‘Oxford Education’ Is Not Real

Despite her commitment to avoid national media attention, Christine O’Donnell is still managing to make headlines. Her latest controversy revolves around her LinkedIn profile: O’Donnell lists the venerable University of Oxford under her “Education” section — a claim that the Washington Post points out is false.

The senatorial candidate’s page on the social networking site alludes to a study of “Post Modernism in the New Millenium” at Oxford; however, Greg Sargent points out that the Tea Party favorite was never enrolled as a student at the prestigious university. In reality, she took a summer seminar at The Phoenix Institute, a certificate-granting organization that “rented the space” at Oxford. According to Chris Fletcher of The Phoenix Institute:

It wasn’t an official course of Oxford University. It wasn’t sponsored by Oxford University. It was our curriculum, and we did the grades. [Her claim] is misleading.

The Republican’s LinkedIn profile also indicates that she is seeking “career opportunities,” presumably something to fall back on if her bid for Delaware’s senate seat proves to be unsuccessful.

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