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Chuck Todd: Michelle Obama Spain Trip “Would Not Have Polled Very Well”

The Morning Joe crew took on the First Lady Michelle Obama Spain vacation controversy this morning, with innuendo and ‘uncomfortable’ moments from NBC White House Correspondent Chuck Todd.

This led to a discussion of Pres. Barack Obama – Todd says the only thing he may be successful at in August is fundraising. MSNBC, ladies and gentlemen.

Joe Scarborough set up the discussion, and Todd agreed “there have been questions all last week” in the briefing room about whether the trip was a good idea. He also quoted one source as saying, sarcastically, “Well we’re not polling our vacation spots at least,” noting that the trip “would not have polled very well.”

Meanwhile, former Pres. Bush press secretary and FNC contributor Dana Perino says if they actually did poll about vacations (like it has been reported the Clinton administration did), that would have looked worse.

Todd ended with, “You get the sense here that there was something more to this than just pure politics.” Scarborough noted how Todd answered “uncomfortably” and the segment continued, shifting to Pres. Obama’s tough August.

Also FNC contributor (on the left) Kirsten Powers got into a Twitter fight with Media Matters Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert for her take on the trip, which he called “inane.”

Either way, the First Lady is back so let’s find a new controversy! Here’s Morning Joe today:

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