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NBC’s Chuck Todd Scolded For Improper Sneeze Procedure

sebelius_9-17At a briefing today Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius put the smackdown on NBC White House Correspondent Chuck Todd. But not for a report or a tough question – it all related to a sneeze gone wrong.

You see, you’re supposed to sneeze into your sleeve, and not your hands. Todd probably won’t forget after this.

Todd’s colleague Jake Tapper at ABC turned the story into a blog post, complete with a video (it’s below). Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gets in on the ribbing as well.

“I mean what is that about? Jeez!” says Sebelius, half-joking. “Who’s got some Purell, give that to Mr. Todd right away. A little hand sanitizer. We’ll have Elmo give a special briefing.”

Ouch. Tapper rubbed it in: “Your humble correspondent noted that his 2-year-old did it the correct way this morning.”

Todd tweeted about the incident: “Just got scolded by Sec. Sebelius for sneezing into my hand and not sleeve. Consider this your PSA.”

Insert “liberal media cooties” joke here. Check it out:

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