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CIA Apparently Worked on Osama bin Laden ‘Demon’ Action Figure

Here’s something you thought you’d never read: a few years ago, the CIA had the idea of using action figures to reduce Osama bin Laden‘s influence in Pakistan. And not just any action figure, an action figure of bin Laden himself that was specifically designed to “unmask” bin Laden as a demonic figure.

According to The Washington Post, the CIA worked on these action figures, that would show bin Laden with a normal face painted on with heat-dissolving material. When that material peeled off, it would “reveal a red-faced bin Laden who looked like a demon, with piercing green eyes and black facial markings.”

The CIA reportedly worked with a former Hasbro executive on the project, codenamed “Devil Eyes,” and one person close to the project claims they made hundreds of these figures and they were sent to Karachi, but a CIA spokesperson said they only made three action figures in total and didn’t really go much beyond that:

“After being presented with these examples, the CIA declined to pursue this idea and did not produce or distribute any of these action figures. Furthermore, CIA has no knowledge of these action figures being produced or distributed by others.”

Yeah, the CIA’s done a lot of stuff, but bin Laden toys are just too much…

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