CNN’s Harry Houck on Fort Worth Cop’s Actions: ‘I Wanted to Smack This Officer Myself!’


During this morning’s broadcast of New Day, CNN law enforcement analyst likely surprised many by expressing harshly critical comments about the way a Fort Worth police officer conducted himself in an interaction with a mother and her daughter this week.

A video of a white cop arresting a black woman after she called the police complaining about a man choking her 7-year-old son for littering went viral yesterday. It shows the police officer questioning the mother about why she didn’t teach her son to litter and replying “Why not?” when she said the man doesn’t have a right to put his hands on her son even if he did throw paper in the street. The encounter ended with the cop arresting 46-year-old Jacqueline Craig and her daughter, 19-year-old Brea Hymond.

In a panel discussion on the incident, Houck said it was “pretty dumb” for the officer to be questioning how the woman is raising her children during the interaction. After questioning if the cop was properly trained, he stated he was “floored” over the officer saying “why not” to the mother.

“I wanted to smack this officer myself,” Houck exclaimed. “For his stupidity and the way he acted.”

The former NYPD detective added that the officer’s actions were “bordering misconduct” and even criminality.

In the past, Houck has gotten into shouting matches on CNN panels over racially charged police incidents due to his defense of the officers’ actions.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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