CNN’s Jason Miller Squirms as Cooper Makes Him Answer Whether FBI Missed FL Shooter Due to Russia Probe

Following a heated exchange involving Republican strategist Tara Setmayer, CNN political commentator and former Trump campaign staffer Jason Miller found himself in the crosshairs of anchor Anderson Cooper. Why? Because Cooper wanted him to specifically state whether he believed that the probe into Russian election interference caused the FBI to miss the call on their tip line about Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz, as the president has suggested.

After Ryan Lizza tossed him a hypothetical of President Barack Obama blaming the FBI for not preventing a mass shooting by pointing to an unrelated investigation, Miller said it was an accurate statement that the FBI missed the warning signs and the tip on Cruz. With that, Cooper jumped in to point out that isn’t the issue at hand.

“But what’s not accurate is the president saying the reason they missed it is because they’re all spending too much time in the Russia investigation,” the CNN anchor declared. “You well know the number of FBI personnel involved in the Russia investigation, the Mueller team, is minuscule compared to the thousands and thousands of personnel working at the FBI.”

Miller tried to make the point that they were two separate things while stating the FBI did miss the tip on Cruz and expressing his belief that the FBI has spent too much time on the Russia investigation.

“The president is conflating the two,” Cooper stated. “You just said everything the president said was accurate. You don’t believe that was accurate, do you? The reason they missed it is because they were spending too much time on Russia?”

Miller responded that both statements can be accurate, adding that if he were advising the president he would have told Trump to s[lit the two things up when tweeting about them. Cooper then asked Miller specifically (again) if he thought they missed the warning signs on Cruz because of Russia. Miller said he thinks there’s a “lot of questions going on with the Russia investigation” and that he doesn’t know what goes on “internally at the FBI.”

“I would split the two tweets up,” Miller added.

Cooper then grilled the Trump-defending commentator on the number of employees at the FBI, telling Miller that 35,000 people work there and explaining that the number working on the Russia probe is only a tiny slice of that.

“He’s lying,” Cooper definitely said.

When Miller tried to say that no collusion has been proven, Cooper again noted that wasn’t the subject before concluding by expressing exasperation that Trump is lying and that it “just seems normal for this president, which is a sad thing.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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