CNN’s Roland S. Martin Livetweets Dave Chappelle’s Strange Comedy Set

Last Friday night, TV One and CNN analyst Roland S. Martin took in Dave Chappelle‘s stand-up show in Miami. When Chappelle’s set began to take a nosedive after some hecklers in the audience began to get the best of the elusive comedian, Martin did what reporters do best. He reported on it, using Twitter (where — heads up — he also Livetweets episodes of Entourage).

Have a look:

The next evening, both Chappelle and Martin attended former Heat player Alonzo Mourning‘s “Zo’s Summer Groove” charity event at Seminole Hard Rock casino and hotel. Martin took to his personal blog to explain what had happened the night before while Chappelle took the opportunity to apologize for his bizarre performance, explaining that he’d had a “bad attitude” before going on to perform a successful 10-minute set.

According to Martin, who spoke with Chappelle after the disastrous Friday night set, the comedian had not been on drugs of any sort and was merely upset by people heckling and filming the set. At one during the show, Chappelle apparently even asked Martin if he’d be “putting this on CNN.” While Martin evidently decided against that, RadarOnline does have video from that evening:

Every performer has an off night, year, or decade, but if this has taught us anything, it’s that while, yes, Dave Chappelle is hilarious when not being quoted over and over by college kids, Roland S. Martin is quite possibly the funniest news analyst on Twitter.

h/t RadarOnline

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