CNN’s Smerconish Reveals Facebook Has Locked Him Out of His Own Facebook Page

On Saturday morning, CNN host Michael Smerconish typically posts a Facebook Live video to his verified Facebook page to provide a summary of his upcoming CNN program. However, in a clip posted to Facebook today, he revealed that he had to have someone else post it to his page because the social media platform has locked him out.

“The reason is because Facebook isn’t convinced I am me,” he said in the video. “And so I have been blocked from my own Facebook page and the only way to get this posted is to transmit it to TC and ask her to post it because her privileges are still in order.”

Smerconish would bring this up at the end of his CNN program later in the day. At the end of the broadcast, Smerconish read off some Facebook comments that came in while he was on the air.He then had this to say:

“Happy to see you posted a comment on Facebook, because I’m locked out of my Facebook page. The Russians manipulated Facebook in the election and I’m the one suffering because Facebook now doesn’t think I’m Michael Smerconish. Facebook, it’s me. Let me back into my Facebook page.”

We reached out to Smerconish this afternoon to see if he was still locked out. “Yes — Facebook purgatory,” he responded.

Watch the clips above, via CNN and Facebook.

[image via screengrab]

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