College Couldn’t Afford Hillary’s Speaking Fee, Booked Chelsea Instead

chelseaAccording to records obtained by the Washington Post, University of Missouri at Kansas City couldn’t afford to book Hillary Clinton and instead settled for her daughter Chelsea.

Missouri wanted the former Secretary of State, but were stunned at her $275,000 speaking fee, which some other universities have since been criticized for paying. Per WaPo, one administrator’s response was “Yikes!”

Compared to that, Chelsea Clinton’s $65,000 fee was relatively affordable, though still considerably higher than many of the other options. That 65 grand got the university one hour of Clinton’s time, divided into a ten minute speech, 20 minutes of Q&A, and thirty-minutes of VIP schmoozing.

The university doesn’t regret it, either:

Officials with the school appeared to believe Clinton was worth her fee, which university spokesman John Martellaro said was paid using private donations. They exulted to Clinton’s representatives that the luncheon sold out quickly, with 1,100 tickets selling for $35 each — which would equal $38,500. University officials say the event was intended to boost attention for the new hall of fame, not raise money.

The Clinton family has come under scrutiny for dozens of paid speeches before advocacy groups, universities, investment banks, and more. In addition to questions about influence peddling while Clinton was at the State Department, the millions earned in speaking fees has led to some tin-eared comments about wealth.

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