Connor Ratliff Responds To Shocking ‘Birthday’ Scandal In New Campaign Ad

Here at Mediaite, we have been eagerly following the Presidential campaign of Connor Ratliff, a New York man who was running under the simple campaign that he was 35 years old and that’s exactly what the founding fathers wanted. However, this past week, a huge, potentially campaign-ending scandal hit; Ratliff had a birthday.

In a new video, the candidate responds to the issue, asking his supporters (whom he admits may be disappointed) what the difference is between 35 and 36.

Will this work? It’s tough to tell. On the official campaign Facebook, many have left angry comments:

However, some don’t seem to mind. One commenter was even happy with the development:

“At first I was like, ‘Yeah, he and I both are 35. I can totally relate to his campaign.’ And then I turned 36, and you didn’t, and I was disenfranchised. But now, you, like me, are 36, and I can totally relate to your campaign once more. It’s a good day in America.”

So will this scandal ruin Ratliff’s chance at the White House? Only time will tell. He can only hope, though, that he has no other between now and November, 2012.

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