Convicted Mayor Placed Under House Arrest After Illegally Voting in Midterms

Laws on whether convicted felons get to vote differ from state to state, but most states have accepted that you don’t get to vote until your sentence is up. Well, a former Charlotte mayor is now under house arrest because he illegally voted this week before his sentence even began.

Democrat Patrick Cannon was convicted back in June of a federal charge of wire fraud, and just last month was sentenced to 44 months in prison.

That sentence starts later this month, but Cannon was busted this week for illegally voting in the midterm elections. Cannon claims, “I did it without thinking, per se… It wasn’t until I got a call from my probation officer that the light did go on.”

Cannon reportedly voted early, a few days before Election Day, and officials only learned about it after a reporter inquired into the matter. North Carolina state law prohibits convicted felons from voting until their sentence is up.

A judge sentenced Cannon to house arrest and told him in court, “You did embarrass this community.”

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