Cop to Woman Videoing Alleged Beating of Alabama Student: ‘I Don’t Give a Sh*t’


Videos of Tuscaloosa police officers pulling several University of Alabama students out of an apartment and allegedly tasering and beating them went viral on Sunday.

According to the Crimson White, cops responded to noise complaints at an apartment complex on Saturday night.

The initial video showed an officer attempting to pull an individual out of the apartment. When the individual refused to come out, the officer ran into the apartment to apprehend him. Several other officers rushed in after.

A second video, taken from inside the apartment, revealed what happened during the preceding 20 seconds. “We are shutting the door,” a man wearing a hat tells the officer repeatedly. Yet when he tries to close the door, the cop steps forward and blocks it with his right foot. The officer can be seen talking into his radio, requesting backup from other Tuscaloosa police on the scene.

As for the third video, it was taken by a female student who was also dragged outside by the cops. She repeatedly screams, “I haven’t done anything!”

Gawker reports that the City of Tuscaloosa’s official Twitter account released a statement, indicating that the police department had forwarded the videos to their internal affairs division for an immediate investigation. Chief Steven D. Anderson told a local ABC affiliate that said an investigation would begin Monday morning.

Subsequent videos began popping up on YouTube, including one in which a police officer told one of the students videoing the incident that he didn’t “give a sh*t” about her filming him.

According to Total Frat Move, the first male student who pulled out of the apartment — the one seen being allegedly tasered and beaten in the first video — is named Brandon Williford. Williford was charged with harassment, obstructing government operations and resisting arrest.

Check out the clips above, via Twitter and YouTube.

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