Craigslist Creep Seeks ‘In-Shape,’ ‘Well-Educated’ Foodie to ‘Cruise’ Chicago’s Restaurants

If you’re “in shape, intelligent, college-educated with an MBA, personable,” and you are looking to dine with someone with all of those same qualities, you’re in luck. Allow us to introduce you to this guy. Normally, he’s in a relationship with a “classy, attractive woman,” but currently he’s “between girlfriends” and he’s looking for a dinner companion on Craigslist to “cruise the Chicago restaurant scene.”


The best part? He won’t even “hassle you for sex,” even though he’ll pay for dinner. Come on, how nice is that?

He’s a great wingman, has a “nice sense of humor,” and is “fun to be with.” All you have to do if you’re interested is send this guy your “basic stats- age, height, weight (or at least dress size), hair/eye color, etc” in an e-mail. Not creepy at all.

[featured image via Wikimedia Commons/John Picken]

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