Daily Caller Congratulates Itself For Totally Owning CNN’s Oliver Darcy: ‘I’d Like to Report a Murder’


In a piece published yesterday, CNN’s Oliver Darcy took aim at pro-Trump conservative media outlets for essentially ignoring the Stormy Daniels story this week. The Daily Caller was one of the sites Darcy claimed to be underplaying the reports — as he wrote that the DC only had one Stormy-related post on its homepage and it was “buried under a slew of other stories.”

Later in the day, Daily Caller media reporter Joe Simonson responded with a piece of his own that purported to show Darcy was full of it. The post, titled “CNN’s Oliver Darcy Tried Calling Out The Daily Caller — It Didn’t Go So Well,” included the following as its lede:

Oliver Darcy, the conservative wunderkind turned Jeff Zucker lapdog, has decided in the last year or so that his chief mission in life is to hold conservative-friendly media organizations accountable. Problem is, he’s not very good at it —

The site was so proud of that line that it highlighted it in a screenshot and tweeted it out this morning along with a laughing emoji.

But they didn’t stop there. A short time later, the site quote-tweeted itself to let everyone know how badly Darcy had been owned by them.

Yep, that’s right. The Daily Caller patted itself on the back for its sick burn on Darcy.

Meanwhile, Darcy’s colleague Andrew Kaczynski had this to say about the tweets:

That prompted The DC’s Twitter account to respond in kind:

Other folks on Twitter reacted, mostly to shake their heads at the conservative site using its official Twitter account to claim victory over Darcy.

In the end, however, Darcy may have had the last laugh:

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