Cowboy Hat-Wearing Fox & Friends Guest Rails Against ‘Beta-Males’ Mag Cover: ‘War on Masculinity’


When The Hollywood Reporter posted their March cover entitled “The Triumph of the Beta Male,” right-wingers went crazy – including some guy in a cowboy hat blogger/comedian Chad Prather.

Said cover features the cast of HBO’s Silicon Valley with their hands in each other’s pockets:

“Where is culture going at this point?” Prather said of the image on Fox & Friends. “Why is there such a war on masculinity? I mean, the worst thing you can be today in America is a white, heterosexual, Christian male. I mean, there’s an all-out war on people.”

Then, Rachel Campos-Duffy took it upon herself to pontificate on what women actually want.

“I don’t think women really like that beta male thing. What’s up with that?” she asked.

“They don’t,” Prather said with great authority. “You know what women like? They like men. They like men that are men. They like men that are confident in being men. And I’m giving you permission right now, America — be masculine!”

What does that mean to Prather, you ask? Basically, being gross.

“Men can’t speak their mind. They can’t make jokes. They can’t, you know, burp and scratch themselves. It’s okay, boys, scratch yourselves!”

There you have it, folks: What makes a man? The freedom to tend to itchy balls.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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