Daily Caller Managing Editor Eats Bugs on Camera For Money

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s managing editor ate crickets during a livestream on Tuesday in an effort to raise money.

Daily Caller video columnist Anders Hagstrom introduced the livestream by announcing, “Every time we hit one thousand dollars, one of our guys Ethan will eat a cricket live on stream.”

“Hey guys, I’m here, and I’m ready to eat some crickets,” declared Daily Caller News Foundation Managing Editor Ethan Barton, afterwards. “Get your donations in so I can just shove them down my throat.”

“There looks to be about six crickets here, six crickets here, put a dozen crickets in my mouth and I will swallow them,” he continued. “I’ll swallow every bite. I can’t wait for it!”

Later on in the livestream, a bag of McDonald’s food and a cricket salad were brought out for the hosts.

Barton added “bacon and cheese” and “sour cream and onion” flavored crickets to the salad and tucked in, before adding a few crickets to one of the Big Macs and eating that too.

One live commenter asked Barton to pull the wings off of a cricket.

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